The Life of this cook is and has been one of many efforts, to get to the points that I have in this career.

In my most recent years my minimized role with food, cooking, and managing people, clients and places from a distance has long since taken it's toll on my mind and heart.  Now at 54,  

my recent work have taken me to places I'd likely not otherwise seen in this lifetime too. I'm conflicted terribly, and looking for my core. This is the place where I leave these scribbles.  

In truth a pretty darn good Cook out of the 1980's that's made it this far and still working to find out where I belong.  It's hard to say what is to come in the next few years headed into 2020, but I'm betting on a change that's long since been needed.

What sits in some of the above links are years old and some a bit recent. Good luck navigating this basement of moments.


Meringe Binge

Moderation and 2018?