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January and the Chill sets in


Fresh Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass in January

Jumbo Lump from Venezuela

A few weeks into the year. Another late night and so much to do. I feel like a kid again and starting from scratch. My hopes are high and I have 2 partners that are absolutely the best. I’m scared to death. There is more to do now than ever, but Im part of something that matters to me.

It seems so much is slow going because we depend on others to move the liability processes along, as well the location we work from. We are mobile to say the least, and shoestring for sure. Ive gone totally back to my roots and am seeing first hand how much people really enjoy the food Im involved in.

As well and the foundation of this is working with a partner I practically grew up with and working with a professional in Mobile Catering on the Eastern shore for many years is another partner I just met up with over the past couple of years. We are learning about each other right now. What fits what does not. You do everything most days because this month if we break even it will be success for our first months out fo the gates in 2019.

The winter is slowly turning to Spring

Count down to the End of Year