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The winter is slowly turning to Spring


We’ve spent parts of February and March solidifying new Venues for Weddings. Securing funds for our Trailer and continuing the search for the “Right Place” which would someday be called the real home. Schraders has been a very good and very low cost option to start up a Food, Catering business but it’s not designed for the flexibility and growth we need long term.

It’s my sincere hope that by the end of 2019 we have a plan to move on and a possible location secured or close to it. That said we have passed our probation period for the 3 of us and are awaiting the legal issues to be ironed out. Hopefully this too will be over by before March’s end, and I can say Im a full fledged partner.

June 30th Wraps up an Expensive project I'll never forget

January and the Chill sets in