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June 30th Wraps up an Expensive project I'll never forget

The bickering, the poor communication, the literally last minute to do almost everything that was this partnership that never was. We were to finalize our partnership at the end of February. By April I was pretty certain that since no one was willing to talk about it since I was the only one bringing it up, that clearly this was not important to them as it was to me. So rather than continually push for this, I started to look back into the corporate space once more.

It was all proven to me, that as I suspected, they really did not need me or want me that badly. There was no real fight for me to stay. It was the quietest and easiest of a weeks notice Id given in my life. One of my closest friends and his partner simply let it go, even though I told them what I needed in order to make it work. We had the discussion in February, April, and May, all of which I brought to them my challenges with this, and the fact I had no security and all of the liabilities. Nothing changed, and nothing was offered.

It was not meant to be. I care for Kevin tremendously and wish him all of the best as I tried piecing my thoughts together in a letter. My guess is all of that too fell on deaf ears. Its incredibly frustrating the loss of money, time and mistake I made. However I would not change it. I learned from this, and helped Tami in the short term. It was money from life savings that was worth it. Hopefully I can still rebuild.

The winter is slowly turning to Spring