Welcome to my space on the www. Here I post my adventures in food, and any other thing that I may or may not enjoy, in this life. Sometimes opinions Food, Tech, Politics, whatever motivates me the most. Hope you have a nice visit!

Fall 2017

It starts with a crazy Summer, where Im designer, contractor, money collector, caterer, Hiring resource, Food buyer, manager of managers, and oh yeah,, the menu's.  The reason we are here..

And this is just one locale. The life of a DM takes on more turns than I could have possibly ever had imagined. I'd thought being a Cook, a Chef, or even Food & Beverage Director was hard. All of those positions have big challenges for certain. But nothing as I've experienced these past 17 years.

I'm trying to pick up where the older site has left off, and at some point will bring back the old posts for nostalgia if for nothing else at all. 

Winter 2018