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Nothing Organic in this Picture.

Nothing Organic in this Picture.

  To start on a positive note. In America, we are eating more healthy foods than we had been for many years. This is a very good thing, however it's coming at a great cost to us. From abuses to the workers in the fields that are harvesting it, to the big Corporations now monetizing it in the Multi Billions of Dollars. The word Organic, has never been farther from it's roots than it is today.   Very little about rings real to me at all anymore. Im not sure when I started feeling that way about it, but it's been a growing on me negatively for several years now.

As a Chef of many years, and now one whom has to listen to the clients, parents, all of whom claim to know whats best to be purchased for themselves and their children, even though they hire us, to counsel and manage their finances and Foods produced in the Food world, it has become frustrating beyond words to see this hypnotic hold that the "word" has on our collective whole as a society. 

There is a really good article on Lifehacker's site that both explains and maybe de mystifies a bit "Organic" and how good it really is for us. While I'd never profess to being anything close to a dietitians caliber of food knowledge, Ive cooked in kitchens across the U.S.A. enough to know, Good food, and Bad food without question. Believe me it takes far less skill to identify this. As the term Organic has now become big business, meaning a multi Billion dollar industry, I'd just ask that some common sense questions start being asked about it.

Big Corporations driven by Shareholders mostly run these products now. That means it all has to be born, and grow faster than ever to keep profits "growing". And profits growing is the most important thing to ALL of these Big Companies. Don't believe the marketing,, "all Natural"  "Organic", because quite frankly it's getting further from it with every passing day.

Another interesting article from the New York Times only points to much of what I'm saying here.

If you really want to support the right cause, support your local small Farmers, it might be more expensive than the Big Companies price, but I would strongly suggest it comes from a much more pure source than the billions spent annually on the Marketing  "to you" as to how "Organic" theirs is.  Use the Good sense you were born with. Don't believe the Organic hype! Ask yourself, if it's all Organic as they say it is, why do they have to push it in our face so much?

Your paying more for something that taste little or no different (rarely better in taste) than the so called "bad" stuff, or what most all Americans have been consuming for decades, and again, if you are truly serious about it, make the efforts and hit up your local farmers markets, and learn about their participants and support them. Not the coffers of the many Big companies whom truly have no interest in anything more than lining their pockets, and will say whatever they need to in order to get your money. 



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