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Sustainable Foods, and why we will never fully embrace it


Im at a point in life where my career, where what it means is often times confusing. I make a pretty good living, and can afford to eat and live a sustainable lifestyle but frankly do so with little to no consistency.  In the company I work for, we speak of sustainable food practice continually, and many or our clients mostly concur at least on it's face. 

I think the same could be said for our society in most all walks of life regardless of their social or economic status. There is however, the thing that surrounds us everywhere we go thats not likely to soon go away. Convenience. I know of no one whom is not susceptible to this. Certainly me included. It's typically fast, inexpensive and serves it's purpose, wether food or goods and services. We are trained, no we are laser focused by a very young age, to bargain shop, and get it quickly, and as cheap as we can. 

Oh, I know there are many whom will say,, I shop at Whole Foods, or Wegmans, or Trader Joes,, and only buy Organic, or Fresh Farmed Produce, Fish, Meats etc. Are you really?  You are for certain doing one thing. The above brands are making more money from you. From me. I shop at some of these places too. 

But is it all sustainable? Of course not. Eating, and living a Sustainable lifestyle is for certain, not easy. It's hard, and your constantly faced with inconveniences, especially if you travel for a living, as I do. Its often expensive, and there is not always a lot of choice or locations. Now I say these things, because I know we are trying,, and I guess this is at least something. I want to believe in this practice. But so long as big business and the money, and profits rule, the same ole mindset exists. We are forever in an uphill, and likely an Unsustainable Life.

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