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Organic the Continuing Saga

Elephant & Castle, Pennsylvania Ave. DC

Elephant & Castle, Pennsylvania Ave. DC

I had a great night out in DC recently. I met up with a very talented person that Ive worked with in past years to go to a concert at the Warner Theatre.  We met with a few friends and talked Music and Food, and never once did the words "Organic" enter the fray.

These folks I spent a large part of my evening with are 30 somethings, and Im guessing are average wage earning adults, and renters in fact one I know to be a homeowner.  Organic and Sustainable eating is taking over the Media that we watch and in many restaurants across the country.  Even in fast food places.  It's hard to equate fast food with Organic and Sustainable but those words are co mingling with these types of businesses too. In other words, the whole language is being somewhat (Really) bastardized.  The words don't mean what they were originally meant to mean. 

Big Corporate has them firmly in their grip now, and with that. Organic is taking on a whole new meaning.

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