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My growing mistrust of Organic, and Farmers Markets

It seems kind of crazy that today we have to make a point to say " This product isFresh, Local, Organic, Sustainable. Words that 50-75 years ago were pretty much a given. Now there seems a need to Use these words as a way to steer people to the product rather than just have a great product, and a Great brand.

This coupled with the fact that in so many cases the words are a form of Greater lie being told to us, but we are expected to believe it. Depending upon the shape, Font and or size of the word on the packaging, "it must be good for you" right?  For parents buying food for the home and children it has to be a nightmare. Between Sugar and Corn being in pretty much everything you eat these days, we stand no chance of ever really eating healthy.

Of course Im somewhat stretching it there too. There are foods good for us all over the place, it is just in smaller courses is all. Farmers Markets worry me the most. They are a burgeoning way for Thieves to sell you on the lie that their product is Fresh and not just bought elsewhere and Market up so you pay a premium for basically what you'd get in the average supermarket.  Organic is the biggest lie of all and only getting bigger.  Now a Multi billion dollar industry, Walmart and Costcos have taken this term into all of their Grocery stores and blown it up SUPER size.  HOw can any of this stuff truly be organic and how do we not see this, and stop buying into it?? We speak with our dollars.  Im as guilty as anyone and buy it periodically myself. It is sad and no one it seems can stop its growth.

100 years from now, they will look back on this time and laugh, and just say,,"what were they thinking'?

A Case in Point that "Organic" is in fact very likely not

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