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My sports lovers side

I am actually quite a sports fan. These days my Football team (The St Louis Rams) have to be one of the worst football teams in the NFL, and have been consistently getting worse since 2001. The Rams have been my team since I was about 10 or 11 years old. These days they are almost at the bottom of the NFL, and pushing for 0-16 this season (only the Lions have achieved this most woeful feat).

The Rams have won roughly 5 out of 37 or so games in the past 2+ seasons. Wow! The only thing that makes me feel ok with this, is that Dan Snyders woeful REDSKINS are getting beat by teams with 0 wins this season, and barely winning to teams (mine included) by 3 points or better. The Skins are a team of me monkeys. Superstars that Dan Snyder pays ridiculous sums of money, and they play like individuals not as a team. John Riggins put it well about the Ownership and management in this video...

The empty seats at the Kansas city Chiefs game today said it all. I am loving seeing Dan Snyder lose. Hey, I gotta get some satisfaction somewhere, it ain't comin from my team!

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