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Mixing work, and career, life

These days I see little amounts of time at home. While it does tug on my relationship strings and is not always easy, it seems this time of year (even after 10 years of doing this line of work) is always similar. The issues, and such are the same, just different names.

Keeping up with my hobbies though are what is helping to keep sanity in the picture. This and accupuncture. I had a nice visit last night with my Acu doc, or simply my "Yoda". She has a great way of putting things into perspective with needles for me. I slept like a baby last night, and expect the same tonight. I cannot preach enough what an improvement to my life this has made for me. These days it is mostly maintenance, and a once monthly thing. It is a lifelong experience though. I started this in 2001. It is arguably the most consistent thing I have done for myself, personally and am so glad I have kept up with it. It is time for bed here, down in the dep south where, this weekend brings the Olympics to this area,, I mean NASCAR. ( The souths version of the Olympics) The area down here in Danville is just brustling with all of the yee ha! Fans, and frankly, I am glad I will be away from this portion of the south by tomorrow afternoon..


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