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I travel alot for anyone ( I guess there are 1 or 2 of you out there) that knows me. Some weeks more than 1000 miles on the road. Audiobooks and podcasts are my life these days. My brain soaks them up and also the entertainment admitedly far and away surpasses education here to be honest.

One of my latest finds that I am so pumped about, is Marc Marons, "WTF" podcast. The acronym is of course what you think it is. His website, is equally interesting too. This guys younger years remind me a great deal of my own. I of course went into the direction of the culinary arts though, where the stresses and abuse are much different from that of a comedian. I certainly have no idea of the pressures of getting on a stage everynight, but I know the pressures of what it's like to have someone butcher you in front of others saying "your food sucks"!

I'd like to believe I was and still am a pretty good cook. At my soul that's me, I love it. But this little post is about Maron's show. His voice and stories are incredibly entertaining, I can't stop listening. I downloaded and listened to his first several shows back to back on a 5+ hour trip this past week. You can't help but wonder if this guy is not using this podcast to help clear some issues for himself as well entertain. Needless to say, my respect and joy of listening to his podcasts run deep, and I hope he keeps doing them. You can download them from Itunes or Google WTF with Marc Maron, and you will find him. It makes the drives so much more enjoyable!

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