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Traveling and keeping up

As the internet and connectivity continue to grow and develop, it is becoming increasingly easier to say connected with everyone. This is both good and bad. I have little excuse not to be connected, however I do drive and work in several areas where they have no or very limited connectivity. Moments of rest.

I think the overload of connectivity is what has taken me away from Cookenstein for awhile. You just get info/internet overload sometimes, and I am way guilty of this.  I belong to too many networks, and keep up with them average to poorly. In fact I just joined Vimeo and am following conversations and watching the incredible growth of Kevin Rose with Digg.

Taking your Site from One to One Million Users by Kevin Rose from Carsonified on Vimeo.

I have followed Kevin Rose's rise from the Screensavers on tech TV in 2001-04, I believe till now. His growth online has been impressive to say the least.  This conference he is speaking at, has some simple yet excellent tips about taking yourself from potentially 1 to 1 million viewers/followers. This is the thing that everyone that puts time into their online presence eventually runs into. Will anyone care? And why?  Someday I will figure out how to incoporate some of my silly moments into decent onling reading.


My sports lovers side

Excited for a friend