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Ebay the savior of my addictions

These days, or I should say the past several years, I have had this growing addiction to new technology. You could say I am a gadget hound. I always have to try the latest and greatest, and oftentimes pay a premium for it.

If it were not for Ebay, I would not be able to keep up this little habit, for ebay has allowed me the opportunity to somtimes recup more than half my costs on many items purchased. Let's face it, most technology does not hold it's value once it leaves the door, but if you keep all of the packing, take good care of the item, and can repack and ship neatly, and quickly, it certainly helps everything. I have had a tiny emoticum of success on Ebay over the past almost 5 years now come February 2010.

I reccomend it to anyone who needs to get rid of stuff in their life, but need to understand, that it is a little bit of a time investment, and you need to build your online presence, and confidence from both buyers, and sellers alike. It can be an overall very nice experience. Answer questions in a timely fashion. Don't be afraid of critisism and take it well. Be humble at all times, and understand, people are going to be naturally suspicious. It is the nature of this site, because Ebay certainly comes with it's bad guys and horror stories. 

Crossing my fingers, I for one, to date have had overall positive experiences and highly reccomend it to anyone.

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