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A week away from the Internet ?

     I don't think it's possible for me. I will be vacationing in Florida this coming week starting this evening. I plan to not check email, nor any of my social media sites thorugh this time. Although I will likely fail, this raises a good question about discipline and needs in life. I am attached at the hip to the internet for so many things now, that it is a little scary. In fact we are a bit forced down in Florida because we have no broadband connection, only dial up (put a gun to my head now!) connection, and this type of web browsing makes for nothing but aggravation and lots of time wasted just wating for sites to load.

So there's a little incentive to stay away from the internet. I am sure I will find a cafe with a wirless connection and succomb at some point, but until then, I hope to make great use of my Nikon D80 and lenses to get some good photography of landscapes, ocean, and wildlife where possible. Florida is a place that once I am there and settled in, I undertand why people come there to retire.  


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