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Online Businesses and it's Customers

Well, I managed to avoid the internet for a good part of last week, however did not meet the goal (no suprise) , with that, i experienced another component of Online business and customer services that absolutely is criminal in it's design..

Online businesses in this day and age, need to figure out a way to make their sites more interactive and easier for their customers to get help, file complaints and speak to people to help them with their problems. Or do they know how to do this easily and just don't because frankly it would take up resources, and valuable time and space other sites? The latter is what I believe to be true.

MOst of these companies really do not want to respond to your issues. They want you to get frustrated and go away. Oh there are ways to get in touch alright. All companies have them. They are simply not simple to access. There is a reason for that.

If people realized that they could file issues easily and be responded to quickly, don't you think you might come back to that vendor and try them again? i know I would. I had an incident today with Skype. THis company claims to have contacted me several times, and they in fact did, to tell me that my credits were going to expire if i DID NOT AT LEAST log into my account and use the service. I tried this more than once. Today i received notice that my credits have been removed and I guess I have to give them more money wether I use the service or not.

Ok so you take my money for nothing in return. I get it. However, getting in touch to tell them this, is truly a series of hoops designed to make me go away. There is no emailing them back (how convenient for THEM)  

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