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The Fed ex Man

That's simply what I call him. A guy whom for years now has delivered to my home time and again and has bent over backward to be sure to get my packages to me and my wife whatever it takes and as quickly as possible.

He is likely one of the nicest gentlemen I know, and I really don't know much of him, even though he has given me his  card (likely more than once) , and we have had numerous talks on my front porch, about any number of things in life. I am glad that I know him, but ashamed of myself for not remembering his name. The irony is that this is one of the very important things I have to do in my day to day job, and do not do that very well as it is. What's worse is this guy always speaks my first name and is always respectful and nothing but kind.

I ran into an issue this week where some deliveries arrived when I could not be home. i tried wrangling the Fed ex system online to see about getting the packages dropped off without signature, but had no luck. I had my guys number in my phone book, in my phone. i had never called him before and it had been a long time since we had spoken, and I took a chance. He ansered in his usual friendly voice and remembered me in seconds, and of course I still cannot recall his name.

As it turns out, he has been re routed and works a different zip code these days. We spoke for a few moments and spoke of the holidays and then I got to the point. he exclaimed that he was sorry that I could not be there for signature, but that he would work it out with my new driver, to be sure to get them to me the way I wanted even if he had to make the trip himself, out of his zone.

I mean, damn!! There are so few people that take such pleasure in serving others these days and or just doing the job they have right, that when you see something so extraordinary as this, it simply makes you sit back and scratch your head in amazement. This is way over the call of his duty, and I have to make effort to see that someone finds out how great a job he does. The long and short of this short story is I am embarrassed, because I have called this man on his personal phone, which he'd said I could if I ever needed him, but never have done so for anything other than this. It only emphasizes the fact that I need to do something extra nice for someone this month.

Especially, the Fed Ex man.. Yeah, like learn his name!! I'm such a jerk! 

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