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Christmas in these economic times

I got to thinking hard about this, after reading another article recently, and have to agree wholeheartedly. I can't take credit for the idea below, but agree completely, and have some of my own thoughts at the end too.

I don't get the holidays anymore. It's all about sales and who sold the most. This holiday will likely break records one way or another, either because things are priced insanely high because of the captive audiences this time of year, or just because people want to go spend cause the economy has depressed us to death this past year.

My thoughts are, given that Christmas (putting aside the religious aspect, wars etc that revolve around it) is heavily, a stressful buying Orgy for 30 days prior and up to that magic date of the 24th, and doing so often for people you'd never consider doing it for on any other time of the year. Why not consider this a real possibility for a moment...

Would it be so bad to make the present opening part of Christmas day say, January 15th! Why? Mainly cause you'd have an extra 3 weeks to shop, oh yeah and the biggest part of it all,, the same crap will be sold likely for 40-50% off in January anyways. Gift wrapping paper is practically free!!
All of the real savings happen here, not Black friday, Cyber monday, and so on. Here are where the real savings are, oh yeah, and here is where Ebay sales are even better too, cause right after Christmas is when everyone sells the crappy gift you gave them for pennies on the dollar to the smarter person on the other end.
I know I sound like scrooge Mc duck here, but really, would it kill us to even consider such a thing. For most families this is what Christmas is. A stressful nightmare leading up to that day of total let downs, more family guilt, and shame cause you spent less than your sister did on you or vice versa, or your gifts suck compared to theirs, and on and on. I mean really!?

Yeah, there's the one family member that really gives out the cool Xbox and playstation stuff and for everyone else, it's knit caps, and sweaters for all!! Goodwill store, here I come!!

So why not save a pretty penny and let's break the truly "silly" paradigm, and open and give gifts on the smarter time of year. January 15th.
Or hey, I got a great idea..If you really care for the people you are giving to, why not do so, on any given day of the year, just because. Not because HALLMARK forces you to.

Happy Holidays to everyone!! 

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