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Dropbox, work, and travel

There is a software tool out there that some of you may be well aware of now, and is very indispensable if you travel, or ever work between more than one computer. Dropbox is a great little tool. After signing up, you get 2 gigs of free online storage, and can pay for more if you need to. I paid for the 50 gig package (about $4 and change a month) and it is very very worth every penny.

You get a file downloaded to your computer that becomes a hub of sorts for all files you want to travel with and or see, through your online account, or with other computers you may have it hooked up with. It is, in a word a necessary tool and frankly a killer app in my opinion. See the lame demo I have made for it... Does not do it justice, but you get the idea.

I love this! Too Funny

Christmas in these economic times