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Hansel's one year anniversary gone

Hansel was our Dog, brother of Gretel. His sister whom has passed away back in February 27th 2008. Hansel was put down on this date last year due to complications to his liver, and simply put, the whole day has been kind of hard. In the back of my mind, this has been kind of festering. My last months spent with Hansel were good ones. We did many walks together, but of course the one that bothers me the most is our last night together and the walk we did not take, cause I thought we could do so the following morning.

That never came. On that fateful morning I was taking him to the emergency room in Annapolis and spending our last hours together while painful, I was and hope he too was somehow comforted by the fact that we were both able to be there with him on his last hours. This was also ever such a fortunate thing with Gretel too. we were so lucky to have these two wonderful dogs in our lives, and like any parent I will always feel like I never did enough for them. They were big, Lab/Shephard mixes, and just the best demeanored most kind loving dogs I had ever seen for their size. All they craved was our love and any time we could and would give them. They are wth us always.

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