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Public speaking

No matter how many times I do this, public speaking, while a little easier now, than 10 years ago, is always difficult for me. Sleep the night before is very hard to come by, and prepare for it as I might, the day of it becomes a contest to see how many things I can blurt out wrong.

On my latest adventure, technology played a very big role in my presentation, as I was presenting our companies online Calendaring system, and how to collaborate between managers using it, and how to share information, send alerts create Groups with it and so on. I was actually doing this with a partner which made it even a greater challenge because we shared parts of the presentation. He by admittance is not as tech savvy and would default any questions to me. On this day, we had wireless communication problems, both on our end and in the group whom had to follow along, and to top it off the program is was a bit buggy, which we of course found out during the presentation.

Not the best time for that. That being said the President of the company let us off the hook because he participated during the presentation and was thankful for us trying to make the effort to do this presentation gievn only a weeks notice, and with minimal experience ourselves ( basically learning the ins and outs of the program on our own in a week with no instruction) with inferior software, and technical problems to boot.

With all of the mistakes myself and my partner might have made, and although we know we could have done so much better, we lucked out, because of the above circumstances and managed to make the whole process fun with some self depricating humor. this always works.  The morale here is know the material, and the speaking part becomes much less painful.

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