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Public Speaking a week later

This week I am doing a presentation at a private school in the Baltimore, area. This time for me the speaking part will be relegated to my actual cooking skills. I will be presenting a stirfried oriental noodle station and speaking on some of the ingredients to the kids and a handful of faculty and staff decision makers.

Every one will get to sample some food ( so I better not screw that up! ) and the kids may ask soem questions, and then thereafter the adults will quiz us on the business. in this case i will not be totally alone except when it comes to the preparation of the food. There will be other managers there, and the President of our company will introduce us as he speaks of the companies history. The beauty of this one is, I'll get to wear chef whites. so it will be like slipping on a pair of flannel Pajamas.

A day on the road

Some places just get it right