Welcome to my space on the www. Here I post my adventures in food, and any other thing that I may or may not enjoy, in this life. Sometimes opinions Food, Tech, Politics, whatever motivates me the most. Hope you have a nice visit!

Kicking in the Door!

As I start this site I do so with a great deal of trepidation. I already have one that I do not promote nor update well. I think I have grown bored of it. It costs me to keep it up, and this may be what keeps it alive for awhile longer, it is you will need a password for it to access, so if you have some crazy interest, email me, and I may give you a precious key.

A group I have really enjoyed and had an emoticum of success in is at, and have created a sub group within called "Cooks in the basement". Some fun discussions have come from it, and we all seem to have a good time, and there are a few who come back with a little frequency. In it's third week it has seen some growth ans sustained itself, so for me I am happy with it for now. As for Cookenstein, this may be the site that aggregates and stores all links and Tech, and Food, and hobby info that is my life. I am so far very interested in the way Square space has this so well designed and already sing it's kudo's even with the little use I have made with it so far.

The time of year