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Highway travel in the soon to be summer months

The summer is quickly coming, and the humidity is already here. With that comes the anger, tempers, and ridiculous highway behavior that is taking place literally by the moment. Whats worse is what's happening with local and state law enforcement on the highways.

Police drive on the highways about as bad as anything I have ever seen. From running red lights, to crossing 3-4 lanes of traffic, oh yeah, and then there is their exceeding the speed limit with no signals and the flashing lights are not even on, i.e. there is no emergency other than them flaunting their authority in front of the thousands of other drivers on the road. In other words, F you. I do what I want, cause I am a cop. It is no exxageration, I see this daily. 


I mean, how is law enforcement to expect the average joe to obey the law, when the example setters simply disregard most all of them. It is piss poor, and today was just another bad example of our do what I say not as I do society in action.


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