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      I have been sitting on an audiobook that I am embarrassed to say I did not even look into for almost 8 months. However, I am proud to say I have listened all the way through in my many travels and connected in so many ways to it. While Jeff Henderson and I are from two completely different sides of the spectrum, we connect in the kitchen.

His book, Cooked is both an excellent read and the unabridged audio is a must have, in my humble opinion. His respect for the kitchen and food and how he came to find it is awe inspiring, and I wish some of the many people that come into kitchens would read or listen to it. Kitchens often get a bad rap in so many ways. Kitchen jobs are referred to as the career you'll end up with if you fail out of school or don't go to college.  Chef Jeff proves in his book what tenacity and dicipline can do for anyone whom is truly committed to excellence in their craft. 

I was very fortunate to start to "get it" at a somewhat young age in the kitchen. Soon there after and during my sobriety, was lifted to the position of Chef of the Treaty of Paris restaurant, Annapolis MD in  the spring of 1989.  While my career after the Treaty certainly florished in many ways, I still am looking for that thing that motivated me so much back in those formidable years at the Treaty of Paris.  jeff's book certainly stirs that pot a great deal. I cannot reccomend this book enough.

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