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A trip out west

In a few days, I am going to be taking a long overdue vacation, and while it is not the time of year I normally do so, it is certainly needed. I am going out to Colorado to spend some time with a friend that I worked with for a couple of years and certainly miss the time we had worked together as well explored and ate at some fine little food establishments in the areas outside of Boulder. 

A little more than a year ago, we went to the top of Pikes peake, it was an experience, I'll never forget. Life oftentimes changes quickly, in work and in our personal lives. There are many people I have seen and not seen in the past several years because of work and personal reasons, and this is an opportunity to have some fun and see someone important to me as well. I will be posting from Longmont colorado next week, and look to have a few food videos from this location soon.. Overlooking the surrounding states from 14k+ feet!

People could learn alot from animals

Tonight I felt like Bolognese