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Braggin on da Drobo

I have been a proud Drobo owner now for almost a year. I have gotten out of the server building business and all thoughts of ever managing RAID's and all of the issues that come with them. I have everything sharing my Drobo. My music, media, documents all backed up to it, as well as off site storage. The daily routine runs pretty much invisible and is super easy to access video content for viewing, and using Airtunes or the Firefly software. Everything seems to just work!
I use also a neat little free program called Yoics as well use a little program for managing tunes called firefly, all of which are easy to set up (free to use) and just work.

My Drobo has really simplified my life. Swapping drives is a snap, and data redundancy is simply as good as it gets. I don't need to know NUTHIN about RAID and all of the intricacies involved. My Drobo let's me know when it is starting to get full, as well what drive is getting the fullest. From there it is a simple hot swap. Yes, while things are running, and the Drobo rebuilds it on the fly. There is no worries about storagespace. You simply just add as you go.

I cannot Brag enough about this piece of hardware. It sits in the background and just does what it is supposed to do. One of the best hardware investments I have made to date.


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