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Smoking on the 4th- part 1

So this morning started out priming the Oak, and getting the Boston Butts and Baby Backs ready for a long day of smoking. The weather today is about as good as any 4th of July I can remember. This evening we will be dining on a pigcicle fest of wonderfully smoked pork. What is interesting to see and smell is the smoke pouring over the back of the house and into the neighborhood.

Smoking of meats is something not done enough, and in fact in my area we have no really good bar b que or smoke houses. Maybe this is my calling. Smoking meat is one of the most basic of cooking methods there are, and it goes back hundreds of years.

Some tools needed are a good thermometer (digital if you can) a good pair of gloves and patience. Oh yeah, be sure to wear clothes that you don't mind getting full of smoke, cause you will.  An excellent site that breaks all of this down very well, as well provide tools and tips is . It covers almost everything one would need to know as a beginner and a seasoned veteran.  I prefer Oak, and as a close second, hickory to smoke with. I will be smoking my Boston Butt Pork roast today for about 8 hrs at roughly 225. My babyback ribs will be smoking for about half of this time.

The smokin start of the day

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