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A little break

            This past week I managed to take a few days to decompress, and while my trip to Colorado did not pan out, I did manage to spend some time back in an area I have not ever appreciated enough. Annapolis is a small historic town where our state capitol resides, as well as a plethoral of american history has happened. I was fortunate to get my break in Annapolis at the Treaty of Paris restaurant located in one of the oldest Inns in the United States, The Maryland Inn.

I also was able to dine with an old friend and partner in the kitchen of the Treaty, at Joss sushi bar, which is located about 1 minute down the street from the Treaty. This particular day somewhat made up for my inability to travel to CO. While I am dissapointed I did not get to see my friend in CO, I did get to see an old friend from many years past, and the stories are always great. He has moved on to become successful as an attorney in Annapolis and it in fact was probably the best choice for careers for him. That said, he was a damn good cook too. 

I took alot of pictures from downtown and they are located on my latest adventures page if you wish to take a look at some really good looking history. The entire bunch reside on my photostream page at Flickr

The Apple Premium

People could learn alot from animals