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The Creed Experience

It has been awhile since I have posted, and my work that pays the bills have ruled most of my time and down time which seems few and far in between these days. Going to see Creed at the Nissan Pavillion out near Vienna Va, last night was just what the doctor ordered. I know nothing of this band except for the fact that Tami follows them with a zeal that I keep after Aerosmith and the Stones. She knows everything about em, and I  was really taught something last night. That is I have missed an excellent band.

They are currently on a "Full Circle" tour which brings all original members back together. Scott Stapp was really good, however Tami pointed out some very intuitive things about his singing and how he had to warm up into the concert. In other words he got good 2-3 songs into the show. Personally I thought it was a revelation for me.  This is a great band and I am pissed that I never paid attention to them, and now very much will. That aside, the night was rainy and sticky but a great and needed get away for Tami and I. Concerts are something that have become less a part of my life as I get older, but this one really made me feel alive and into it. Great stage show and the music was fantastic. I am so glad that we went!! The Nissan Pavillion on a Friday night in the humid rain is not the best of venues, and certainly traffic from DC is no pleasure cruise to get there at 5 in the evening, but the show made up for it all!!  A needed break from the Day to Day. 

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