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People and Mobile phones

I know that somewhere in this story I am likely guilty of the same thing at some point and in some way, but yesterday I had an instance in a grocery store that utterly blew my mind. I had 2 items to check out in the 15 or less line, and 2 people in front to of me. Both were on their cell phones, laughing and joking away with their phone mate on the other side.
What was nausiating about this is that they too had a few items, but since they could not even pay enough respect or attention to the cashier and the purpose they had come there for in the first place, it actually took them both several minutes to conduct their transaction, cause they could barely be bothered with having their money or checkcard ready when it came time to do so, cause....... they were BUSY joking around on their phones. On more than 4 occasions I watched the very kind (i'd have been pissed if I were her) cashier try to flag down the phone whores whom could not be bothered with their transaction cause they were busy discussing jibberish. It was quite frankly the rudest thing I'd witnessed in a while.

Finally the last straw for me was when the cashier told the one girl, she had to slide her card again (3 times she said this cause the girl was too busy talking to recognize that she was holding things up) and her comment back.. "I already did it!" the cashier then, said, you have to press credit or debit first before sliding your card (which it clearly states on the machine) She responds while at the same time complaining to her phone mate about this situation, well,, they don't have a sign saying this has to be done first, and complains to the cashier about it too!! Really?? She is so into her phone conversation that she could not even be bothered to get a simple transaction done, and to hell with people waiting behind her...

moments later I witnessed the same girl carrying her bag out of the store, the phone still pressed to her ear, just talking away, not even paying attention to cars, one actually honking it's horn at her, as she nearly got hit wlaking into the parking lot. Never did she take a second to look either way, to see where cars were coming from, why pray tell??
She was too busy talking and laughing on the phone. I see this everywhere, on the road, on the interstates, in movie theatres, all walks of life now, people are constantly being rude to others cause they gotta yap to someone on their phone. I can only hope I am not this bad.

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