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Excited for a friend

My career and travels have brought me to many different conclusions about what I want to do, in the way of life, career, job, business and so on. Some of those words over time have started to take on a different meaning. I don't know if career is a word I'd want to use anymore when I try to describe going forward. I think I will try many different things, and with any luck, a job or career is not how they will be referred to as much as a portal to do what I want.

My good friend Adam, in Colorado is taking his business online and is branching out with different products, and it is exciting to see. I even purchased some of the multivitamins myself the other day and am looking forward ti using them along with what I currently do in my health and fitness regimen. Adam's business, and his support team out there is excellent, and I could only hope to have what he does at some point in the future. It really feels good to see someone else I know and care about be able to start to develop their dreams. While his has certainly come with his share of difficulties, it would certainly appear to be starting to pay off. Check out his stuff at Schwartz Global.

Traveling and keeping up

People and Mobile phones