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My travels and taking time

Time to smell the roses. A comment that has been used so many times, and yet I never really gave it much thought. This past year I logged well over 40 thousand road miles. While this does not even come close to the airline travel I was logging in past years, it certainly is as much time spent.

In these drives I get alot of audiobook reading in, as well as podcasts. mainly technology based. I am learning all the time. Currently I am reading/listening to "Super Freakonomics"  a book I had downloaded from I am a gold member with them and it has been a lifesaver. I find I consume more books now than at any time in my life thanks to this excellent service.  I do more frequently take time to stop and take picture now. I was recently in Halifax VA. I was actually off the beaten path back to a work location and got a neat picture that seemed to take me back to my childhood for a moment.


It was next to some railroad tracks and it was just an image that for a moment reminded me of Appalachia VA when I was a little kid. The building just looked like something out of the very early 1900's, and the area surrounding it did too. I'm seeing alot of this these days and frankly I like it. I just need to take more time to capture it, and think about it.  We all have very little time on this place. And much of what I do involves driving and downtime. I am making much better use of that time these days.

Customers, Business and Competition

Happy New Year 2010