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Customers, Business and Competition

They say competition is a good thing. It breeds growth, expands the ways companies grow, and at the end of the day the customer benefits right ?  I'm not so sure. in an effort to combat Verizon, At&t recently cut it's prices this past Monday.  On the front it would appear to be a good thing for At&t's customers, of which I am one of.

I say it's Horse *&^%$!  these businesses are driven for one thing only, Growth, and Greed. Charge the customer as much as you possibly can legally get away with, and in the case of this business, charge them when they leave you too!!! What other business do you know of where they get away with this? the phone companies have been raking custoomers over the coals for years, and I am glad to see more competition getting in. I think Google entering the market the way they did with the Nexus one is a welcome change and is making the phone companies stand up and take notice.  We are starting to have fair choice again.  While there is a way to go here, it is at least a start.  In the meantime, we are still paying unheard of sums of money simply for the privelege of having a phone (NOT USAGE MIND YOU!! THE PRIVELEGE!!) Oh sure the phone companies subsisize the cost of these phones, and in thet 2 years they lock you in, pay for that phone a half a dozen times or more over.

Google, charges what it can bear for the Nexus one. The phone companies charge as much as humanly possible for all their phones, crap or not. What ever happened to earning long term customer loyalty?? This is why people switched so frequently and still do. Even if they have to pay those penalties which I simply call "THEFT" to do so. Why?? Because the businesses have absolutely zero loyalty to you and I.


the shareholders are all that matters here. More proofits every year, there is never enough, and the bar is always higher and for more. This is american capitalism at it's finest. Greed. Short term, take as much money as you can from everyone now, cause they will leave you tomorrow. that's the business model short n sweet. What a great country we live in huh? Is anyone surprised at the Bernie Madoffs of this country? Not I.



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