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Ipad, February 2010 and Today

On February 1st of this year, I'd made some proclamations, and I am quite sure I was not alone concerning the Ipad, that was several months away from hitting the market.  At the time, I'd stated that I felt that this was going to change how we look at Apps, and the delivery method to PC,s and Macs in General, and I was ready to go there. Well, a short 9 months later, this and many other articles sum up what I'd felt for sure to be true.

The Ipad is a monster. I have owned one now for several months, as well has my beautiful wife, and we are both very taken with them. The ipads ability to be of increased usefulness is only going to grow. What is really amazing though, is that the whole industry is playing catch up on technology that is arguably 8-10 years old.  Microsoft had tablets out around 2002 or so, maybe earlier and of course it fit only in very niche markets.

What's crazier still is when it did not take off (because of MS poor interface basically XP/touch on a Tablet) nobody did anything with it..? Or did they. Apple claims to have been working on this project for several years prior to 2010, and I believe it.

This much like the Iphone is the first iteration of this device, and IOS 4.2 is right around the corner this month and I can't wait. This thing will only gather steam. While Apple will VERY likely not hold a 95% share of this market for long, however has a nice entrenched user base, that will likely hold pretty strong going forward. I can't wait to see the competition!! Where are they?? 

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