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The Ipad to come

Anyone who knows me, knows, I am a gadget freak. Add to that an Apple fan boy since 2005. I am objective though, and know that not all Apple makes is gold.  With that, I watched the Ipad unveiling last week and Steve Job's speech and how he demo'ed it sitting in an easy chair.

In the past several years, software delivery more and more is comng via the internet. The days of the DVD/CD system of installing anything is both longwinded and ripe with issues, and configuration problems. Ushering in the App store was the Iphone/Ipod, and in seeing how many other companies are quickly jumping on this bandwagon, it would apear like the days of big box, software on disks is nearing it's end.  Now, and app, is a simple click and load process often times, taking no more than 25 seconds and a dollar or two, or free from your wallet. How simple can it get?? That's the point!!

Software installation has historically been a somewhat cumbersome and oftentimes angst ridden process which can leave a users system, pc, Mac, or even mobile phone, totally hosed. Apps and stores designed to circumvent this process are coming along fast and quite successfully, and the upfront cost looks cheap, when you think of an app at a $1.00 being cheap right?  The average Ipod touch, or Iphone user though, downloads several dozen apps a year at an average spending more than $60, and that number is nothing to sneeze at when you consider how young this medium is.

The Ipad is about to turn this number on it's head, and I believe by the end of 2012, we will see no more software via disk, and most everything will be widget driven.  Simple is what makes the Ipda so awesome!! The naysayers that complain of all that it is missing, totally miss the point.  Doing it all is what hampers so many pc's today. And even Macs to a degree. (See I'm fair!!) The Ipad will certainly do more in future iterations, but like the Ipod and Iphone before it, you start small, "STABLE", and then grow it bit by bit. 

This way of computing will finally make the average computer users life become much more simple, and straight to the point damn easier. Learning how to use a PC or Mac for the first time can be daunting, especially for Seniors.

But learning how to use and Ipod touch is simple and straight forward, very little curve, and bonus!! Apple already has 70million+ Ipod touch, and Iphone users out there trained. Are we all walking blindly into the the bright beam of light?? I am.

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