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The Blizzards continue

I have gotten phone calls from the north cursing me because they feel we should not get all of this snow cause we don't know how to handle it. On some fronts I would agree. This has been more snow than in any year in memory. It started small back in early December with a 4-6 inch dusting, and on the 19th we had one that topped 24 inches.

That one was by far more than I'd seen in as my many years living in Bowie. That would be 12+ years at this  point. Then January brought several inches more up until this past weekend on the 5th of February which brought more than 30 inches. And now today we are told that another foot or more is expected before the end of the day tomorrow. Digging out of this past weeks snow was the hardest. the snow was heavy, wet and generally icy in less than 24 hours. Thankfully I dug out my driveway the day the snow ended on the  6th.  Some of our neighbors however were not as lucky and needed extra help after a day most of the snow had turned to ise, with temps hovering right at 30 for the most part as well for the remainder of the week.

The evenings are in the teens and 20's guaranteeing that this snow will be hanging around for weeks to come. So, I am bracing for another storm, and fingers crossed, we will still have power when it's all done. That was my last part of this comment. Many folks lost power this past week, and normally we are in that group. In fact it used to take a far cry less than this to blow out power in our neighborhood, sometimes for days. So, again a little thanks to BGnE for trimming trees this past year and fingers crossed that we get through this one, in hopes that it is the last big one of the year.

Even though the worst weeks of the year for snow are the ones we are in right now through the 1st or 2nd week of March. Average snowfalls for us have been around 12-18 inches annually. We pummelled that number December 19th, 2009.    

To the one I love, and anyone who shares the feeling.

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