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Healthcare System in my little world

   So this past week, I got just a tiny fraction of a taste of the many much worse stories that is the healthcare system. My provider United Healthcare, one I and my employer have paid many thousands of dollars into over the past few years, has proven their value to me this past week in effectively telling the doctor to go *&^%$ themselves this week.

I had an incident over the past several days that caused a severe spasm and pain to develop in my shoulder and lower back, it was incredibly painful. Worse still this pain got so bad that standing, and sitting up was problematic. Looking over my shoulder to drive was very hard too. This pain started to travel into my left arm as of last Sunday, or 2-3 days ago, and yesterday as this was worsening and after counseling with my acupuncturist, and believing I possibly could be having symptoms of a stroke or heart attack, I went to see my doctor as soon as they would allow.

As it turned out, this was not the case thankfully, however I was still experiencing alot of pain in my back and shoulder, and now my left arm. After checking me out completely the doctor recommended some stronger form of Ibuprofen and  a muscle relaxer I could take once per day to help me sleep in the evenings. This too was becoming a problem. Pain was certainly dictating my moods as well my overall well being at this point.

After going to two different local area locations for (this is another story of poor customer service for another time) prescription fills, I settled on a CVS in Crofton, several miles from my home and was told that (now 8 hours after my doctors visit)  that my healthcare provider was not allowing for my prescription to be filled until it investigated why my doctor recommended this medication. Meanwhile, my pain and suffering persists. I was told this afternoon over the phone by the doctors office that this "investigation" may take 7 or more days, thus me the patient simply deal with the pain in the meantime, because "big corporate" wants to get to the bottom of what otherwise is a truly simple matter on the most rudimentary of levels. How much money this so called investigation would cost, is likely a FAR cry more in real $$ then to simply do the "right" thing. And whom benefits from the cost of the investigation and that time spent?? I wonder.... It really tells me that the doctors word means "SQUAT!!"If I was truly ill or in dire need of these meds, it appears Death would be the inevitable route here.

***I use my healthcare "rarely if ever" at best!!  This is what I pay into??? Really!!

Thankfully my acupuncturist, has somewhat of a heart and ethics and has taken me in to address this matter, yesterday evening and I am actually feeling a bit better as the hours pass with NO MEDS!!. What this tells me is at least 2-3 things here,,,,

1.) Myself and my pain and suffering (or anyones for that matter) is of NO concern to healthcare companies. They need to remove the words "Healthcare", and put in the words "When we decide" on the front end of their names.

2.) Being a doctor, going to college for 8 or more years of ones life, taking out years worth of loans to pay off to have this once "prestigious" position paying all of that money into the system going forward and oh yeah, all the money for "INSURANCE" so they can not get thrown into the streets broke after all is said and done is truly nothing more than a waste of your (you the doctor) time and effort. The insurance companies have final say so on all of your decisions, Doctors are simply a cog in the machine, and are of little need here, because they really have no control over their patients care. I should simply call the healthcare company and sit for hours on their voicemail HELL tree, and be directly aggravated instead.

3.) My fear of being ill and growing old is now realized, and I am terrified  that in the event of actually needing my healthcare for more important and possibly life threatening issues, that I may well just die because of this Mammoth BUSINESS that pays shareholders  and CEO's ludicrous profits (or Theft) and in the meantime screws it's so called paying customers, as well knowing that what I have (and continue to ) paid into this system for years, gives me NO level of feeling of security at all, that in time of need I'll be taken care of any faster than the guy with no insurance.  I feel I am no better off because I have healthcare and pay into the system. This is just throwing money I don't have into a fire. I could just as easily have gone into the emergency room and gotten basically the same result.

So, this afternoon, and roughly 21 hours since my visit to my acupuncturist, my pain is subsiding, without any meds. What was an issue that was worsening over a period of almost 7 days is now improving. With basically minimal help from my doctor  and none from my healthcare provider, oh, unless you mean additional, frustration, aggravation and time spent? Yes, my healthcare provider has provided a mountain of that for absolutely no cost!!  

Folks, take my word for this. I have been doing acupuncture, for a number of years. It has treated many more things then I can describe here in an all natural way as well in a timely fashion time and again, that our so called healthcare system could NEVER do. This is the most serious of statements as I have ever made.  Take care of yourselves, and do not trust that your healthcare provider has your best interest in your "health" at all. 


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