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A connection from the past

I was ever so fortunate this past week to be re connected with a friend whom I knew for an all too short a period in my life. The Ambassador West hotel, was a time in my life that lasted about 2 years, along with the Knickerbocker. I met Walter Grogan here. he came to "the Big A" as we used to refer to it, as my purchasing agent. 

A great guy that I really got to know well, and spent alot of positive time with, as well we complained about lifes issues as well. People like this are few and far in between in my life, and I am ever so thankful that he took the time to look me up, and make the connection. He has my number now, and hopefully I'll get to see him in the near future. While I am making efforts myself to put much of my past behind me, this person is one of a small group of people that I hope to keep in close touch with. Walter is a very giving person, and I am so very fortunate to have been included in his life.

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