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Sometimes Cooler heads prevail

I wrote some comments a week or so ago, that I still feel very strong about, and the feelings will resonate for months to come. While I certainly will likely not be able to forgive the individual, it took Tamara, to make me get over my ego on this and to see a bigger picture issue. We live in a world now where there are little to no secrets that can be kept forever. On the internet it is impossible. Not that I meant for the comments to be secret, but did not fully think about the consequences that could arrise.

It could have effected my career, you simply never know. The person I spoke of could have filed suit against, me. Win or not, it is another burden not necessary. I am glad that I removed it for what it could have caused, and am thankful to have someone whom really cares, watching over me. The reminder for me and anyone who posts anything online is to remember that what you are writing it potentially viewable to anyone.  Common sense sometimes escapes me. I am sure I am not alone, I have read some crazy blogs and websites out there.

Is Tech history set to repeat itself ?

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