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Bourdain nails it

From Kitchen Confidential, to Bone in the Throat, and everything current, I admire Bourdaines, writing, travels and of course cooking knowledge and opinion on the subject. His openness, raw as it seems and how from some angles he is perceived to have sold out to the media, he is not just making a living, (out of the kitchen, smart by the way) he is telling the truth about our industry, and rather than cooking till he drops, he is reaching out to all ages, and speaking from the gut, and real experience, as well in such a way as not to take away from the skills and abilities of those whom have done so well and are incredible chefs in their own right.

Arguably, I got into this business for what many would say are all of the wrong reasons, and while this article in the NY times is right on, and I applaud Bordaine for his remarks, it is a part of my past I certainly don't miss, but do romanticize about quite often. The 80's were an explosion of talent in the midst of all of the other things going on in kitchens, and I was and am still proud to have been a part of that time. Many of the stars on the food network that we watch now are from that timeframe, and I wish I was more outgoing and could be and have the life that Bourdain has now. Yes, his travels are amazing, and I am envious.

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