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My ongoing and growing dislike for brick and mortar stores

This is one in an ongoing series on this subject that dates back many years for me to date,,

Like many people (most) brick and mortar stores represent a component of life we all enter at sometime or another. Wether daily, or weekly. For some folks it's a bad and unbreakable habit! The need to shop in them, being excited by the bells and whistles of something new, and of course the "so called" sales, of which are nothing more than a mind game meant to move product, not because the term really means it.

We are like zombies in these places, feeding our a.d.d. jumping from place to place and hoops to get the things we want, driving, burning gas, to get to them, then spending sometimes hours waiting in lines, or dealing with the stores inept staff for "assistance" or check out related issues. These things that in this day and age of overnight delivery, on your doorstep the next morning, are things that amaze me. Most people believe that it makes more sense to spend  $10 on an item, because buying it online, will cost them possibly $5 more in shipping, and this may be exactly right! 

We are so quick to write off the value of our own time, and not even think about burning an entire afternoon 4-6 hours going from store to store to get a handful of things we could have had delivered to us. Also, these are usually things we do not need that moment, and a few days wait in ship time would be really no big deal, but we need it now, and burning a few gallons of gas at 2-3 a gallon, and a few hours of our time is worth nothing.  I'd bet if anyone is reading this, chances are you make alot more than 7-$10 an hour. But when your off from work, your time all of the sudden becomes something that a brick and mortar shop can abuse at will. On top of that they can aggravate you with their incompetence, oh yeah, and can often times get away with poor behavior too.

To this extent, you take this aggravation home with you and think about it more, and vent to others about it. All for that 10-20 or whatever it cost item, that thru an online purchase could possibly have cost a few dollars more, however also maybe not, if you do some research you can really find great deals online. More times than not, have your order placed inside of a few minutes, hit send, and get a polite confirmation email, and then get up from your couch, close your laptop and go about your day. Folks, most things in life can be purchased this way, and frankly should be.

The money, time, and aggravation we waste and readily give to brick and mortar stores is arguably as foolish a thing as any I can think of, and I am as guilty as anyone of frequenting these places. Poorly trained employees, out of stock items, poor labeling, poor management, ridiculous store lines!!! Really!! The Walmart in our area forever has 25 check out lines and rarely has more than 5 open!! Safeways store in Bowie, is the same scenario!! Meanwhile people are 10 deep back in the isles burning their own time on top of money and fuel spent, just to buy the product. We live in the 2000's and this process is truly no or little faster than it was in the 70's!!  

Really!!? On the other side of this, I can think of plenty of times where I was ready to make a big$$ purchase and simply walked out of the store because there was no one around to assist with unlocking a cage to get the unit out, so they lost potentially a several hundred dollar sale, and I have to believe this happens on the hour at these places. You wait 10-15 or more minutes, and look around the aisles to find someone, and then you wake up and say to yourself,,,, they don't need my money?? With an online purchase, you are done with it in virtual seconds in some cases, no fuss no muss. Now I am not advocating that online purchases is a perfect world. Of course it's not, there is always room for improvement, but I gotta say, I dread going into most all physical stores anymore, it pains me to think of the "process" that dates back to the 50's still when you think of it.  Little has changed in how we get out of a store when we buy something. Technology has not benefitted the customer experience at all, in my little opinion.

What is your "personal time" , money for gas, and aggravation spent afterwards worth to you?? And if you have any value for all of those things, did you really save a dime, or did you just get hosed??

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