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Vacationing over the Memorial Day weekend

This coming week I am going to take a much needed vacation, and actually take a couple fo days to go back to my early summers spent in Appalachia, Big Stone gap, and Andover VA. Just a couple of days, but getting back there, is something i have thought about for a number of years. This place formed me alot in how I have grown up, and who I have become.

These are the humble beginnings of my life, and this was a point in time where I was between the ages of 8 and 14 years of age.  My parents spent their youth and early teenage years in these very depressed areas. I hope to get alot of good pictures. especially of the trains that run through the area. This is what there is for the economy in this area. You either work in the coal mines or the railway system. There is little else in the way of any kind of growth here and this has always been the way. I am also hoping to meet a few people still around from my youth as well. Those whom tried to help guide me.  

This will hopefully be an enriching experience that I'll always remember.  

PC's and Mobile devices

My ongoing and growing dislike for brick and mortar stores