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Is Tech history set to repeat itself ?

I am an Apple fanboy, make no mistake. I have fully converted everything OS related from Windows to Apple, however we still have a small need for Windows periodically, but rarely anymore. For me, mostly just games, and for Windows games, I do not use as much. There was an interesting atricle in the SF chronicle this week, speaking of how the Mac lost it's lead in the PC industry back in the late 80's early 90's and how the same could happen today with the Iphone, and App, marketshare it now dominates in the industry.

I use the Chrome browser now almost as much as I use Firefox. Safari however has never really grabbed me though. I mean, it works and certainly is ubiquitous with the Mac OS, but is terrible with Windows (hmm,wunder why), Chrome and Google's Android OS, is clearly the most challenging thing I have seen to the Iphone in the past 3 years since the Iphone came into existence.

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