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PC's and Mobile devices

I really like the article I'd read in Computer world this morning, and have felt that this has been a relevant fact for more than a year or so now. I arguably use my mobile phone for day to day computing much more than the desktop I am typing at right now.

The Desktop as stated in the article will of course be around for many years to come, but is quickly becoming background noise in the tech inductry and for the average user. Once they have figured out how to make writing long notes, mail, or stories ( via "voice") simpler and less cumbersome via these mobile devices, then I think the PC's days are numbered. The Ipad goes a long way in making this happen. Tablet devices look like the next step in the Desktops overall demise. Maybe Laptops were the start back in the 90's but there has been a big gap in between since them.

Apple whom of course did not invent tablet computing by any means, did what it does best. It picked the right time, and made a stylish very user friendly device that many people are already comfortable using in the form of the Ipod touch and blew it up. Many people say that it is a hoky idea, and that all Apple did was just that, blow up an Ipod touch, but in fact I think they did much more.. Buy starting with this Ipad v 1.0 model, they got right out of the box, something that does most all the basics well, and will only get better.

I can't wait to see the Ipod, Pad, Phone 4.0 software upgrade this month. This is an excellent and very portable device that is so simple a 4 year old can pick it up and start using it. Gone are the days of loading, software via, CD/DVD's, and configuring drivers and other software to simply make sure everything worked. Oh yeah, and your time spent doing it.

New software could not be simpler, simply click on it in the app store, it pops up on your screen, loads, and viola!! The average person would never wanted to go through the headache of loading software a few short years ago. Now it is so commonplace, it is happening every second on mobile devices everywhere. Apple did pretty much start that craze.

I have to say that I am really enjoying the changes that are happening in the tech industry. We live in the golden age of this stuff. We will not far away be doing holographic video phone calls. Mark my words, by or before 2020. Also storage space is and will become less of a need, simply because of how data is manipulated online. Cloud storage, and backup systems, and frankly the cost of "bits" is as cheap as it has ever been. There will be a day soon, where loading software and updates will be a thing of the past. The software you want will simply be on your phone or mobile device, and update itself in the background, not bugging you or slowing your productivity constantly reminding you, I'm here, I'm here protecting you, SEE!! Aren't you glad you paid 49.99 for these constant in your face hogging your system resources tools??

Uhhmm yeah. That stuff can't go away soon enough.

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