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A Week later, and look what happens!

I t is amazing to see one short week later, so much activity happening. Clearly I have planted too many seeds though. I may have some strangulation taking place. In the coming days, I have been told I should put some stakes in to give the beans a place to climb. The same, I am told for the Tomatoes. I planted some Carrots, Zuchinni, and Squash as well. I might do some potatoes, but I think that may be it as this little patch of land will be stuffed and possibly overflowing in 60 days if I am so lucky.

Getting out in it in the morning, and just doing some basic weeding, and watering, seems and feels so Zen like, and peaceful. It is like I am at one and peace with myself completely. Just doing something that feels so right. And so far as organic as I can possibly be. 

3+ weeks, and every little plant

The end of the day, Garden Project week 1 Begins