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Positive effect

Positive, thats my tone for the week. I am on the back end of a vacation that should have seen me in Appalachia VA for a few days, but ended up cleaning up the Den and my office. Frankly I am glad I stayed and cleaned up 12 years worth of stuff that needs to go.   With this, I cannot help trying to contain my excitement, knowing that something I enjoy doing tremendously may someday see me doing it as a business.

I know there is a model for it, and have been asked more times than I can count to do so. In making amends with a work partner, whom is clearly as talented if not moreso than I, it is like I am sitting on the best kept secret that will eventually get out.  Even though it is yet to even be anything, I know that someday, the carvings that I do will be for something and for folks that really appreciate and want it and heavens forbid would pay for it.

Someday, someday... At any rate, coupling that with what I currently do is pretty much impossible, so going forward, my approach is not even going to be from a standpoint of a business, but as a series of events of idea, name and address gathering. I think my partner is on board and while we have alot to do, we will have to do so in spare time only. That's the only rub. But like I say, today is a positive day. It is near the end of my vacation, and I am going to meet an old friend on the last day of my vacation, and enjoy some sushi.  With that, I will also, and hopefully have a wonderful dinner out with Tami tonight too.... 


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