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Is History repeating itself ?

I can honestly say I am an Apple fanboy. I have no problems admitting it and sometimes bragging about it. Nuff said.

I have been on this bandwagon for better than 5 years now,  my home, the data in it, the media viewed and communicated comes from, and has come from many apple devices, Iphone, Ipod, Apple TV, Macs of all types and sizes have come through my door, and several have gone to Ebay, for what I view to be a healthy return, compared to the PC counterparts that resale for much less I might add. I have experienced selling both sides on Ebay.

What I am seeing since the Iphone 4, and even prior this past spring, actually since January of this year, is probably quite obvious to many, but it certainly appears that history is doing what it did to Apple in the 80's. Apple was the dominant player then. The Mac was king and growing. And they had every opportunity to keep it going, however the closed ended way that they do business ( and frankly I am happy with Apple's ecosystem and stability of most all it's products) ultimately, caught up to them, and Bill Gates passed them up in the early to mid 90's, a few years after Steve Jobs unceremonious release from Apple. This same set of circumstances could be catching up with apple all over again, with the Iphone. This smartphone took the world by storm in 2007, and has taken over the smartphone market, for the most part. 

However, Google with the Android operating system, has the following,, Many more phone choices, many more carrier choices, arguably a few better phone hardware platforms out there as of this spring and summer.  And an app store now over 100k of apps in it. And lets face it, does it really matter that Apple has well over 200k of apps in their store, and growing everyday? I mean really? I use about 8 to maybe 10 apps consistently every day, and 2 are games. I am sure your mileage varies. How many apps does one need on their phone? I have more than I use for sure, and at this time I can confirm to have 114 on my phone including the Phone, Ipod (default apps), of which 50% or more of them I use barely once a week.

The Iphone has 2 models or 3, I should say. The 3gs, which is now only available in the 8gig model for $99, and a two year contract from At&t (the real cost of the phone is in this contract, do the math people!!)  and of course the newer I phone 4 available in 16 or 32 gig flavors, in black or white, and of course the white ones seem to be difficult to make for Apple, cause they are not living up to the delivery date promises of this model to date. So who knew that a white phone was hard to make??

My point, here is limitations I think could very well ultimately put Apple back to where it ended up in the 90's in the PC market. In this super fast wireless (There seems to be a new model out every week! Is this really good? )phone development world, you are likely to see this happen much much faster. In 1 year the Android has literally caught up to the Iphone in many ways and also possibly leapfrogged it by the fall if you ask me. I really like some of the available phones out there. In 2008, a year after the Iphone there were NO contenders. That changed in 2009.

The new Galaxy that is from Samsung coming out on At&t, and of course the DroidX, and I really liked the Nexus one as well. Customers want one thing, and they are willing to pay dearly for it,, Choice. Oh yeah, the limited to just At&t nonsense is a slap in the face to customers everywhere. Not to mention potential new ones that will never happen because of it.  Apple has for a long time gotten away with lack of choice simply because they design beautiful, solid, and arguably very stable products. All good things, and yes I paid for them, as have many! But at the end of the day, choice wins.

There are other issues tied into the above coming to fruition possibly this year, but I believe that availability, choice, price, will ultimately take Apple's Iphone dominance down a notch or two possibly before years end. That's how fast Tech turns these days. 

From one A fanboy, who would like to see some change..


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