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All the talk about Facebook

I have to admit, i use facebook, well not in the literal sense of how the average person posts to it and keeps up with their friends. I use it passively. It is one of several that I sprinkle bits and pieces of data from other social services such as Tumblr, Digg, Stumble Upon, Friendfeed, and Shareaholic, Foursquare.  It is the one place where all my stuff, aout where I'm currently at, what I view and think about current events kind of land.

That said, i am more and more bored with Facebook, and am really considering moving on from it. I am simply bored with it. And so are are the masses if the news I am reading is true. new subscribers are plummeting at Facebook, and honestly, it is just a time suck for these Mob wars and farmville games. I was hoping that it would be a way for me to connect with the few real friends I do have. It has in reality just turned into a place where some of those friends really have nothing to say, and honestly I think many of them are as bored with it as I.

Garden Update

3+ weeks, and every little plant