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Homestead Gardens Tomato Festival

In the following couple of weeks I am going to take a stab and enter my Tomatoes via, this contest at Homestead gardens, in Davidsonville MD. It is a simple Salsa, and Chili contest. Now I say simple, however there is nothing simple to winning it.

Local restaurants and Chefs from around the area will enter this competition, so there will be plenty of flavors as well, very established names with a long history of making just these types of items daily. The contest is coming up quick on Saturday the 28th of August. In a wonderful twist of fate, I am hoping my sister will play a role in this contest with me. Even if only to just be there, her presence and ability to talk to people as well put a team/family shine on this, may very well help this little cause. The cause or future business might be, Peggy Jo's Cafe.

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